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Steadicam Package

• GPI PRO front mounted vest
• GPI PRO "Titan" 4-canister arm (lift capacity over 90lbs)
• MK-V HD 4 stage V4 sled - capable of extra low and extra high mode and any camera weight.



• 6 Beillen BL “Vmount” batteries 95WH and 130WH


Wireless HD Transmitter & Receiver

• Viper 300 (by Optical Support; likes of Teradeck2000).

Zero-latency HD-SDI video link with innovative manual channel selection for consistent, uninterrupted transmission. lightweight and compact whilst presenting zero interference issues, allowing to monitor performance in real-time.



Other accessories

• Various camera power cables

• Klassen vehicle mount (hard mount for mounting to vehicles, rickshaws, etc)

• Cases for travel to any location, domestic or international.

Any other requests could be satisfied through crosshire